Pool Shoe
11" x 11"

Gabriele Raacke is well known for her reverse-painting on glass technique which she uses to apply paint to the back of glass.
Using a new process which allows high quality printing of her work directly on the back of glass panels, she can now offer her collectors highly unique and more affordable reproductions of her sought-after work.
These glass prints are unique composites of her work, and she has committed to limit printing to only a single piece of each composition. All glass panes are frameless and have a thin backer which allow them to be hung directly on a wall hook. Each glass print is hand signed and dated by the artist.
Glass Print Composites
(23" x 23")

Choose Your Shoes

Take Your Seat

Pick Your Hat

Single Glass Prints
(11" x 11")
Choose Your Shoes Series

Cheese Shoe

House Shoe

Elephant Shoe

Mouse Shoe

Pick Your Hat Series

Fish Hat

Sailor's Hat

Take a Seat Series

First Position Stool

Birthday Chair

Embrace Chair

Spaghetti Chair

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